Domino’s is the largest pizza chain in India. They sell the most amount of pizzas, make some of the tastiest pizzas, and also have lots of other food on their menu.

Here is the latest Domino’s menu with prices in India:

Menu ItemPrice


African Peri Peri Veg₹385.000
Aussie Barbecue Veg₹450.00
Jamaican Jerk Veg₹385.00
Indi Tandoori Paneer₹450.00
English Cheddar and Veggies₹385.00
African Peri Peri Chicken₹450.00
Aussie Barbecue Chicken₹555.00
Jamaican Jerk Chicken₹555.00
Indi Chicken Tikka ₹555.00
English Cheddar and Chicken Sausage₹450.00
Deluxe Veggie₹450.00
Veg Extravaganzz₹450.00
Double Cheese Margherita₹305.00
Cheese N Corn₹305.00
Fresh Veggie₹305.00
Peppy Paneer₹385.00
Mexican Green Wave₹385.00
Veggie Paradise₹385.00
Paneer Makhani₹385.00
Non Veg Supreme₹555.00
Chicken Pepperoni₹555.00
Chicken Dominator₹555.00
Chicken Golden Delight₹450.00
Chicken Fiesta₹450.00
Pepper Barbecue & Onion₹385.00
Pepper Barbecue Chicken₹305.00
Chicken Sausage₹305.00

Specialty Chicken

Roasted Chicken Wings Peri-Peri₹109.00
Roasted Chicken Wings - Classic₹109.00
Chicken Meatballs Peri-Peri₹99.00
Chicken Meatballs Classic₹99.00
Boneless Chicken Wings Lemon Pepper₹139.00
Boneless Chicken Wings Peri-Peri₹139.00

Burger Pizza

Burger Pizza Classic Veg₹99.00
Burger Pizza Premium Veg₹129.00
Burger Pizza Classic Non Veg₹139.00


White Pasta Italiano Veg₹135.00
White Pasta Italiano Non Veg₹145.00


Garlic Breadsticks₹95.00
Stuffed Garlic Breadsticks₹139.00
Chicken Parcel₹39.00
Veg Parcel₹35.00


Chocolate Lava Cake₹99.00
Butterscotch Mousse Cake₹90.00
Taco Mexicana Non Veg₹135.00
Taco Mexicana Veg₹125.00
Potato Cheese Shots₹59.00
Crunchy Strips₹59.00
Crinkle Fries₹59.00
Brownie Fantasy₹59.00


Classic Combo (Pizza & Drink)₹199.00
Meal for 1 (Pizza, Drink, Breadsticks)₹269.00
Meal for 2 (Large Pizza, Drink, Breadsticks)₹449.00
Pizza Feast (2 Pizza, 2 Drink, 2 Breadsticks)₹849.000

Everyday Value Offers

2 Medium Pizzas (305 each)₹199.00
2 Medium Pizzas (385 each)₹249.00
2 Medium Pizzas (450 each)₹299.00
2 Medium Pizzas (555 each)₹399.00
2 Regular Pizzas (165 each)₹99.00
2 Regular Pizzas (205 each)₹139.00
2 Regular Pizzas (235 each)₹179.00
2 Regular Pizzas (295 each)₹219.00

Domino’s Offers

There are always plenty of Domino’s offers to choose from including free beverages and desserts and extra discount coupons with delivered pizzas.

In 2004, they did a campaign, ’30 minutes or free’ which attracted customers to order and made the Domino’s menu very popular. Here’s one of the original advertisements:

However, with the boom in online ordering they have started running offers like 2 regular pizzas starting at Rs.99, 2 medium pizzas starting Rs.199 which makes Domino’s very affordable and a go to at parties.

In Bangladesh, Domino’s is bringing back the 30 Minute Delivery Deal to try and increase their market share as fast as possible.

Surprisingly, some of the best pizza on the Domino’s menu is their vegetarian pizzas. They’re very popular and you can choose from a huge range of different pizza toppings such as onions, paneer, capsicum, corn, olives, mushrooms, and much more. One of the most popular vegetarians ones on the menu is the Veg Extravaganza – give it a try if you haven’t had one before.

Sample Of Pizzas On The Domino’s Menu

If you do want some meat on your pizza – do not worry, there are plenty of options to choose from on the Domino’s pizza menu as well. Some of the favourites include the Chicken Golden Delight, Chicken Dominator, and the Pepper Barbecue Chicken – all delicious and fresh.

Domino’s Menu Combos

The Domino’s menu in India features a range of quality pizza and side dishes to their customers. They also launched pastas, Calzone Pockets and Spicy Baked Chicken Lebanese Rolls and desserts such as Choco Lava Cake as side options. They also started ‘The Pizza Theatre’ which had an open display kitchen layout. With changing lifestyles Domino’s also launched a late-night delivery option in select cities.

Domino’s added a lot of products to suit the palate of the Indian customer. India Is a multi- cultural country and Domino’s did their best to have an option for every customer. They launched a 100% Vegetarian Navratri menu at select stores. The toppings of Paneer Makhani, Chicken Tikka Pizzas were designed for the Indian customer.

Options such as The Burger Pizza, Pizza Mania Extreme, Chef’s range of exotic Italian Pizzas were very well received by the customers. Their most popular pizzas are Margherita, Farmhouse, Veg Extravaganza, Capsicum and Golden Corn which can be ordered in a variety of crust option. The sides of Garlic Breadsticks and Choco Lava cake are also very popular.

As well, you’ll no longer find Coca Cola products on the Dominos pizza menu after they ended the 2 year contract in 2018. Instead, they are partnering with PepsiCo to supply their beverages.

Who Else Likes Domino’s Pizza?

About Dominos Pizza Menu in India

Domino’s is an American restaurant chain that is famous for its pizzas. Domino’s Pizza India Private Limited was incorporated on 26th March, 1995 by Jubilant Bhartia Group. Their first store was launched in New Delhi in 1996. The company changed its name to Jubilant FoodWorks Limited (JFL) in September 2009. JFL has 11 commisaries/supply chain centres at strategic locations across India which serves as manufacturing and distribution facilities.

A Domino’s Pizza Store In India

The company started as a master franchise for North and West India in 1995. Currently, the company has the master franchise for Domino’s for India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. After JFL got into an agreement with Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd. in 2001, customer enjoy Coca-Cola products on the Domino’s menu until recently in 2018 when they changed to PepsiCo. As of 30th November 2009, the company owned 286 stores across 59 cities in India.

Domino’s restaurants continued to grow steadily and Domino’s India had overtaken the UK restaurant count by 31st march 2015. By 31st march 2016, Domino’s India set a new record and launched its 1000th restaurant making India the only country with over 1000 restaurants after USA.

JFL’s Domino’s pizza stores in India are generally located in neighbourhood markets in urban areas to ensure ease of delivery and accessibility for customer. They also operate pizza stores from food courts in shopping malls and in institutional campuses. They also got into an agreement with IRCTC (Indian Railways) for ordering pizzas on the Domino’s app, to be delivered on the train on giving the PNR.

From ordering pizzas at individual restaurants for delivery, Domino’s shifted to a centralized hotline called the ‘Happiness Hotline’ which redirects calls to the concerned stores. With evolving digital trends people can now order from the Dominos pizza menu on their website, send gift cards to family members; order on the Domino’s app and on other food delivery applications like Zomato.

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