KFC in India is one of the most popular fried chicken restaurants. Their menu is big with lots of chicken, burger, fries, and salads to choose from.

Here is the latest KFC menu with prices in India:

Menu ItemPrice


2 x Double Down Combo₹449.00
2 x Double Down Burgers₹389.00
Zinger Burger₹150.00
Zinger Burger Combo₹229.00
2 x Zinger Burgers₹219.00
5 in 1 Zinger Burger Box₹239.00
KFC Favorites Meal (Chicken Zinger, 4 Hot Wings, Large Popcorn)₹375.00
KFC Favorites Meal (Chicken Zinger, 4 Hot Wings, Large popcorn, Pepsi Can)₹399.00
Veg Zinger Burger₹140.00


Ultimate Savings Bucket (4 Hot & Crispy, 6 Hot Wings, 6 Boneless Strips, 1 Pepsi Pet and 2 Dips)₹599.00
Triple Treat Bucket (4 Hot & Crispy, 6 Boneless Strips, 4 Smoky Grilled Strips)₹675.00
KFC 4+4 (4 Hot & Crispy, 4 Boneless Strips, 1 Dip)₹380.00
8PC Hot & Crispy₹650.00
6PC Hot & Crispy₹550.00
4PC Hot & Crispy₹380.00
2PC Hot & Crispy₹200.00
8PC Smoky Grilled₹650.00
6PC Smoky Grilled₹550.00
4PC Smoky Grilled₹380.00
Big 8 Meal (4 Hot & Crispy, 4 Hot Wings, 4 Smoky Grilled + 2 Pepsi cans)₹649.00
Chick & Share (5 Hot & Crispy, 10 Boneless, 2 Lg popcorn)₹399.00
Chick & Share & Drinks (5 Hot & Crispy, 10 Boneless, 2 Lg Popcorn, 3 Pepsi cans)₹475.00
Friendship Bucket (3 Hot & Crispy, 3 Hot Wings, 3 Boneless, 1 Large Popcorn)₹650.00
Friendship Bucket Meal (3 Hot & Crispy, 3 Hot Wings, 3 Boneless, 1 Lg Popcorn, 2 Pepsi cans)₹700.00
Smoky Duo Bucket (4 Smoky Grilled, 4 Boneless, 2 cans of Pepsi)₹500.00
Duo Bucket Meal (4 Hot & Crispy, 4 Boneless, 2 Pepsi Cans)₹500.00
Mingles Bucket (3 Boneless, 6 Hot Wings)₹299.00

Rice Bowlz

Popcorn Rice Combo₹219.00
Popcorn Rice Duo₹199.00
5 in 1 Rice Box₹239.00
Smoky Rice Bowl₹180.00
Smoky Rice Bowl & Pepsi₹215.00
Chicken Rice Bowl₹135.00
Chicken Rice Bowl & Pepsi₹180.00
Veg Rice Bowl₹135.00
Veg Rice Bowl & Pepsi₹180.00


Large Popcorn₹200.00
4PC Hot Wings₹130.00
6PC Boneless Strips₹215.00
3PC Boneless Strips₹130.00
1PC Hot & Crispy₹110.00
1PC Smoky Grilled₹110.00
4PC Veg Strips₹130.00


Pepsi Can₹30.00
Pepsi Bottle₹60.00
Red Bull₹140.00

KFC Offers In India

KFC runs offers such as 50% off on first 3 orders on their app. They also have some coupon discounts for selected products, and discounts offered to customers of Airtel telecom where you can get 15% cashback on all orders.. They have various combo and meal offers.

The marketing strategy for the KFC menu runs with time and during cricket season they run offers called the playing 11 bucket.

They also have a range of KFC offers that are available every single day. Some of these include 10 Hot Wings for ₹250, a Large Popcorn Chicken for ₹150.

Sample Of Kfc Offers In India

Chicken is the best food on the menu. It’s the food on the KFC menu that makes it stand out in India, and it is definitely on of the favourites for their customers.

Chicken On The Kfc Menu In India

The various sizes of their Hot & Crispy Bucket, Large Pop Corn, Hot Wings and Smoky Grilled remains peoples favourites. Another addition to the list is their Chicken Zinger Burger. KFC food can be ordered on the web, on their app or on most other food delivery apps.

Indian KFC Chicken Buckets

The company has adapted the standard KFC offerings to the Indian taste and the Indian menu includes bucket options such as Hot & Crispy Chicken, Fiery Grilled Chicken Bucket, Smoky Grilled, Large Pop Corn, Hot Wings and Boneless Strips.

They also have a rice bowl option with all these chicken meals on the KFC menu as well.

Who Else Likes KFC Chicken In India?

About KFC in India

Kentucky Fried Chicken, popularly referred to as KFC, is the world’s second largest fast food chain after McDonald’s. It is headquartered in Kentucky and has more than 18,000 outlets in over 100 countries. KFC is a subsidiary of Yum Brands which also owns Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

The KFC menu was the first international fast food restaurant to enter India. It opened its doors to public in June 1995 in Bangalore. KFC had received permission to launch 30 outlets at the time and launched its second outlet in Delhi in October 1995. KFC however, got embroiled in controversies even before it could launch elsewhere.

One Of The KFC Restaurants In Bangalore

Once the climate and acceptance for foreign food brands improved, the KFC menu was re-launched in Bangalore in 1999. Until 2004, KFC Bangalore was the only restaurant the fast food giant sold from. KFC finally began to expand in 2004 and is now available pan India having over 300 outlets. KFC stores in India are owned primarily by 2 companies – Sapphire Foods Private Limited and Devyani International Limited.

KFC India’s CSR initiative is very strong, it’s call AddHope– an initiative to fight hunger in the country. For this they have tied up with NGOs such as The Smile Foundation, Response Net and India Food Banking Network. Customers are free to give a Rs.5 donation which is then transferred to one of these organisations.

Talk To KFC Indian Staff

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