Truffles is a very famous bar and cafe in India. It serves a wide range of food on its menu such as veg dishes, non veg mains, soups, salads, burgers, and much more.

Here is the latest Truffles menu with prices:

Menu ItemPrice


Cream of Mushroom₹140
Cream of Chicken₹150
Hot & Sour Veg₹120
Hot & Sour Non-Veg₹140
Clear Veg₹120
Clear Non-Veg₹140


Pasta Salad₹160
Caesar Salad₹160
Russian Salad₹140
Truffles Mediterranean Twister₹160
Greek Salad₹160
Crunchy Chicken Salad₹205
Mexican Nachos Grande₹190

Sides Non Veg

Chicken & Cheese Poppers₹215
Teriyaki Chicken₹240
Chicken Slaw on Toast₹200
Pesto Grilled Chicken₹240
Fire & Spice Sausage₹190
Sesame Fried Chicken Kebab₹140
Spicy Chicken Fingers₹240
Devils Chicken₹240
Chicken Wings₹195
Chicken Rocky Road₹230
Thai Fried Chicken₹230
Fish Fingers₹235
Butter Garlic Prawn₹315
Peri Peri Chicken₹240
Chicken Popcorn₹170

Sides Veg

Slaw on Toast₹150
Sphagetti Cheese Balls₹140
Stuffed Fungi₹150
Cheese Rissoles₹150
Fiery Baby Corn₹150
Cheesy Max Fries₹150
Thai Basil Chilly Mushroom₹185
Corn Kaun₹180
Nachos with Cheese₹170
Fried Mozarella Stix₹160
Double Decker Mushroom₹170
Teriyaki Mushroom₹160
Garlic Bread With Cheese₹110
Chillly Cheese Toast₹130
Jalapeno Peppers₹160
Peri Peri Fries₹140
Dragon Paneer₹195
Chilly Paneer₹195
Rocky Road Paneer₹205
Paneer Tikka₹205

Eggs to Order

Cheese & Mushroom Omellete₹115
Chicken & Sausage Omelette₹130
Scrambled Eggs₹100
French Toast₹110

Burgers Non-Veg

The Truffles Rooster₹180
American Breakfast XL₹225
The Hotty₹180
Chicken Rocky Road₹180
Butter Chicken Burger₹180
Pesto Fried Chicken Burger₹180
Sloppy Joe₹275
Tex Mex Chicken Burger₹180
Peri Peri Chicken₹180
Tandoori Chicken Burger₹165
Crisp-Cross Chicken Burger₹180
Chicken Steak Burger₹165
Crumbed Chicken Burger₹170
Lamb Burger₹170
Cheese Burst Lamb Burger₹225
Fish Fillet Burger₹185
Prawn & Slaw Burger₹190
Tons of Fun Burger₹240
All American Cheese Burger₹230

Burgers Veg

All American Cheese Burger₹200
The Hotty₹135
Veg Burger₹135
Butter Paneer Burger₹155
Crunchy Veg Burger₹150
Cheese Burger₹145
Cottage Cheese Burger₹145
Mexican Bean Burger₹140
Soya Burger₹140
Wedge Mex Burger₹150
Tandoori Paneer₹155
Peri Peri Paneer₹155
Rocky Road Paneer₹155

Main Course Chicken

Chicken Lasagne₹285
Melba Medley₹200
Hickeys on Toast Chicken₹225
Chicken Paprika₹275
Chick Flick₹285
Chicken Diane₹305
3 Pepper Chicken Steam₹285
Classic Stuffed Chicken Steak₹330
Chicken Cafreal with Thai Twist₹295
Mediterranean Chicken₹320
Chicken Millanese₹320
All American Nachos₹250
Tandoori Chicken Steam₹285
Poulet Champignon₹295
Califonia Chicken Steam₹330
Roast Chicken₹305
Classic Chicken Steam₹285
Hot Pot Chicken₹285
Chicken Stoganoff₹285
Chicken Cordon Bleu₹285
Chicken with Mint₹285
Baked Chicken Bavarian₹250
Mexican Chickan₹285
Chicken Marengo₹285

Sandwiches w/ Chips & Other

Cheese Sandwich₹100
Mushroom & Cheese Sandwich₹120
Cottage Cheese Sandwich₹130
Coleslaw Cheese Sandwich₹120
Chicken & Cheese Sandwich₹130
Chicken Coleslaw Sandwich₹155
Chicken Salami Sandwich₹145
Crispy Cross Chicken₹145
Deville Chicken₹155
Non Veg Club Sandwich₹190
Chicken Steak Sandwich₹160
Roast Lamb Sandwich₹215
Tex Mex Wrap₹135
Chicken Masala Wrap₹150
Kheema Wrap₹165
Egg Wrap₹115
Mushroom & Cheese Wrap₹135
Cottage Cheese Wrap₹135
Burrito Wrap₹135
Peri Peri Paneer Wrap₹150
Tandoori Paneer Wrap₹150
Chicken Hot Dog₹125
Devils Chicken Sub₹145
Chicken & Slaw Sub₹135
Chicken & Mayo Sub₹135
Crispy Cross Chicken Sub₹140
Chicken & Ham Sub₹140
Kheema Sub₹160
Smoked Chicken Sausage Sub₹160
Crispy Luck Sub₹235
Roast Lamb Sub₹205


Pinky Pasta₹195
Pasta Arabiata₹195
Creamy Cheese Sauce₹195
Italian Pasta Alfredo₹205
Sun Dried Tomato₹235
Olive Blasta Pasta₹230

Main Course Veg

Very Veggie₹230
Melba Medley₹200
Hickeys on Toast₹190
Cottage Cheese Steak₹255
Tandoori Paneer Steak₹255
FCUK Paneer₹255
Cottage Cheese Twister₹255
Veg A-La King₹235
Veg Paprika₹235
Veg Corn au Gratin₹235
Sauteed Veggies₹190
All American Nachos₹235
Mac & Cheese₹210
Veg Lasagne₹230

Main Course Lamb

Roast Lamb₹375
Minced Lamb Steak₹305
London Mixed Grill₹360
Kheeme Pau₹230
Chicken Twister₹290
Pita Platter₹205


Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce₹305
Prawn in Lemon Cream Suace₹385
Fish & Chips₹290
Grilled Norwegian Fish Steak₹310
Oriental Grilled Fish₹290
Fish Grand Milan₹365


Fire & Spice Chicken₹285
Thai Basil Chicken₹290
Thai Green Curry₹300

Desserts & Cakes

Special Sundae₹205
Chocolate Truffle₹115
Ferrero Rocher₹125
Black Forest₹115
Gooey Mud Cake₹120
Red Velvet Cake₹120
Apple Pie₹130
Mississipi Mud Pie₹130
Walnut Fudge Tart₹130
Lemon Tart₹50
Chocolate Lava Cake₹80
Liquid Lemon Cheese Cake₹130
Choco Caramel₹160
Kahlua Mousse₹150


Ice Tea₹110
Hot Tea₹65
Fresh Lime Water₹75
Mineral Water₹20
Oreo Cold Coffee₹165
Irish Cold Coffee₹150
Santa Maria Cold Coffee₹150
Montego Frappe₹145
Choco Mocho Frappe₹145
Frozen Mango Frappe₹145
Very Vanilla Frappe₹120
Lychee Frappe₹160
Jamaican Hot Coffee₹120
Hazelnut Hot Coffee₹120
Espresso Americana₹80
Hot Chocolate₹120

Many people visiting Truffles Cafe all seem to like dining on the eggs. You can choose exactly how you want them made, in an omelette or scrambled or more combos and add in a wide variety of different ingredients and meat if you like as well.

The Truffles menu is so big that you’ll almost be able to find a dish suitable for everyone that visits. They’ve got a huge range of main dishes, chicken, lamb, and seafood. As well, they serve wonderful burgers, sandwiches, soups, and pasta as well.

Omelette Available On Truffles Menu

Does The Menu Change?

Depending on which Truffles location you go to – yes, the menu may change. The exact food one the menu may only change a little, but the prices are more likely to change.

The cost of ingredients may change from region to region, forcing the store to increase the prices of their Truffles menu in order to stop them from losing money.

If you think the above menu has got a lot of errors in it, leave a comment and let us know. We always strive to keep the menu updated as accurate as possible.

Where Are Truffles Cafes?

Due to the popularity of Truffles, there are now quite a few locations where you can enjoy their delicious menu.

Here are many of the Truffles Cafe locations:

Truffles Koramangala - BangaloreApex Building 93/A Ground Floor, A Wing, 4th B Cross Rd, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095, India
Truffles Indiranagar - Bangalore307, K. P Square , Ground Floor, 100 Feet Rd, Binnamangala, Stage 1, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008, India
Truffles Bel Road - Bangalore84, 80 Feet Road, Jaladarsini Layout, Sanjaynagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560094, India
Truffles St Marks Road - BangaloreNo 22, St Marks Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001, India
Truffles Kalyan Nagar - Bangalore408, 1st Floor, 5th Main Rd, HRBR Layout 2nd Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043, India

About Truffles

Truffles is a very popular bar & cafe with most of their restaurants around Bangalore. They serve food from a very big menu to make sure everyone who walks through their doors can pick something they’ll enjoy eating.

The staff have spent many years working on improving the experience of their customers, which is why you see the Truffles menu like it is today – great food with great prices.

Many of their restaurants have hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google from happy customers. Here’s one quote from a review:

Pretty nice food. Must try All American Cheese Burger and don’t order XL unless you want to die eating that burger 😂

As well, there have been some good reviews for Truffle on Facebook:

As you can see, many of their customers are pleased with the decision stop at their restaurant for some food and we hope you are too.

Talk To Truffles Staff

If you want to talk to some of the staff about the Truffles menu or any other questions you have, please ring +91 80 4853 9094.

Enjoy your meal.

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